Pig / Pork Processing

  • Pork Cutsheet under construction.
  • Head, bones, feet, and organs are available for an added fee.

Poultry Processing

  • New: As part of a new program initiated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (read more), Rancho Corima has been granted privilege to process poultry which can be sold in stores, farmers’ markets, and restaurants across the State of Colorado:
    • What this means: Rancho Corima is now licensed to process specially raised poultry for resale.
    • The poultry will bear a new label which is approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture which permits the poultry to be sold legally in the state of Colorado.
    • We reserve the right to determine which poultry shall be suitable for this label.

  • Rancho Corima is happy to process your turkeys and chickens, we do not accept ducks or geese at this time.

  • Contact us to set your appointment now for Thanksgiving ‘fresh’ turkey!

Exotic / Wild Game Processing

Rancho Corima is the hunter's choice for processing Wild Game, Come find out why!
We offer custom meat processing for:
  • Elk
  • Deer
  • Pronghorn / Antilope
  • Wild Hogs / Javalina
  • Much, Much more!

We offer 8 delicious sausage flavors:
  • Breakfast
  • Spicy Breakfast
  • Italian
  • Spicy Italian
  • Polish Kielbasa
  • German Sausage
  • Chorizo
  • Summer Sausage
  • Bratwurst (Plain OR Jalapeño & Chedder)

Rancho Corima proudly offers meat processing of exotic animals such as:
  • Yaks
  • Buffalo/Bison
  • Alpaca/ Llama

Goat and Sheep Meat Processing  (Chevon & Mutton)

  • Sheep/Goat cut sheet under construction.
  • Sheep and goat stomachs / intestines can be processed, upon request, for an added fee.

Steer and Cow Processing

  • beef cut sheet under construction.
  • Cows must have brand inspection prior to delivering the animal for processing. A Bill of Sale is not an acceptable alternative to a Brand Inspection. No exceptions. The brand inspection is only good for 10 days.
  • Rancho Corima does not offer cleaning cow stomachs, sorry for the inconvenience.

Free Range Eggs

We only source the healthiest poultry products. Try a dozen eggs from free range chickens.

Custom Beef Meat Processing

Our friendly staff will process the animal of your choice just the way you want! Whole or half steer packages available. Many cut  options to choose from. We also offer meat processing for special events or wrapped and packaged as family portions.

Wild Game Processing

​Rancho Corima can process your wild game this season. Don't let your trophy buck or bull go to waste! Contact us today to get the most meat for your money.

Our Products

Our Services

All processing is by appointment only. All orders require an approved cut sheet.

Specialty Meats

Yes! Rancho Corima offers meat processing for sheep and goats. Call to submit a cut sheet for your mutton or chevon order today.