Specialty Meats

Yes! Rancho Corima offers meat processing for sheep and goats. Call today to submit a cut sheet for your mutton or chevon order today. 

Our Products

Custom Beef Meat Processing

Our friendly staff will process the animal of your choice just the way you want it! Whole, half and quarter steer packages available. Many cut  options available. We also offer meat processing for special events or wrapped and packaged as family portions.

Free Range Chickens and Eggs

We only source the healthiest poultry products. Try a dozen eggs from our free range chickens, or contact us to schedule your poultry processing.

Our Services

Wild Game Processing

Rancho Corima can help you process your wild game this season no matter what the size. Don't let your trophy buck or bull go to waste! Contact us today to get the most meat for your money.

Goat and Sheep Meat Processing  (Mutton & Chevon)

Download our goat and sheep cutsheet here