September 2019

News Section


Rancho Corima is ready to receive your Wild Game for the 2019 - 2020 season.

Here are a few tips to assure you are happy with your processing:

  • Bring your harvested animal clean! Rancho Corima will accept the animal skin intact or skinned. We will NOT accept dirty animals. No Exceptions.

  • We offer 8 flavors of sausage as well as summer sausage. Prices vary so ask for the prices when you fill out the cut sheet. (More Info)

  • Your meat is NEVER batched. The meat you bring is the meat you will receive.

  • We do not save bones or hides. If you want the head or antlers, remove them before dropping off your animal.

  • We will absolutely NOT accept any harvested animal without the properly filled out and attached kill tag. The tag stays with the meat while it is being processed.

  • Remember to ask for your tag when you come for your meat. You are required to keep the tag as long as you have meat from the animal.

  • You will be contacted a maximum of two times requesting pickup of your meat. Two weeks after the second call, your meat will be donated to the local food bank or the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife.

  • You will be notified of any remaining balance when we call to schedule pick up. Rancho Corima accepts Cash or Check, No Credit Cards accepted at this time.